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Alfa Romeo

Since 1910 Italy has loved the stylish lines and excellent driving of the Alfa Romeo brand. Alfa Romeo engines are powerful and the company has had a great deal of success in Grand Prix motor racing. Alfa Romeo even gave Enzo Ferrari his first job in motor racing before he went on to build his own cars. Alfa Romeo has carried on with their innovations and is one of the most respected car manufacturers around today.

Aston Martin

When asked to think about a luxury British sports car, the first manufacturer people usually think of is Aston Martin. The V8 Vantage model is a highly sought after vehicle while the V12 engine that Aston Martin manufactured for many years is revered in hushed tones. With a recent return to the Le Mans 24 hour race Aston Martine is still as iconic as it was when appearing in Goldfinger or The Italian Job.


Audi has always been a respected brand. The company has enjoyed a reputation for delivering innovative, interesting, solidly built engines and vehicles. However, during the 80's the brand started to develop a reputation for being a more mature person's car, it was at this time that Audi introduced Audi 90 which has led to a new movement of the Audi brand and including the innovative inline 5 cylinder engine.


BMW was founded in 1916 and since then has enjoyed a fantastic reputation for luxury and performance vehicles. The M models are incredible cars with incredible engines that set pulses racing. Today they have a wide range of cars in production including the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X1, X3, X5, X6 and the Z4.


Whether you call the brand Chevrolet or Chevy most people know the company and the cars that they produce. At one time 1 in 10 cars sold in the US was a Chevrolet! As an engine the V8 small-block design has been very long lived and has not been out of production since 1955. Chevy V8 engines range from 110HP to 638HP and are widely loved.


Chrysler is the 13th largest vehicle brand in the world. Chrysler is behind a number of industry innovations and has a fantastic reputation among car lovers. Chrysler is in the process of changing a number of their vehicles and work closely with Fiat to create new engine designs.


Citroen is a French based manufacturer of motor vehicles. The company is still known for the self levelling system of suspension and the first swivelling head lights to create better visibility on tortuous roads. While the 2CV is still iconic design Citroen are also manufacturing premium cars for all parts of the market.


Dodge began in business creating motor parts for other vehicles and started building their own cars 15 years later. Since 2006 Dodge have been aggressively marketed in the UK where you can buy models such as the Nitro, Dodge Journey, Caliber, Viper SRT-10 and Avenger.


With over a century of experience and an enviable position as the world's 6th largest vehicle manufacturer Fiat are well placed within the industry. This position is confirmed by the fact that 12 out of the last 40 "European Car of the Year" awards has been to Fiat!


Often referred to as the leaders of the modern car industry, Ford introduced new methods of manufacturing on a large scale that incorporated moving assembly lines. Ford are known as producers of good quality engines that are cost effective to repair and work on.


Honda have a knack for knowing what the car market needs at any time and their factories can be converted to build whatever models are popular at a specific time. With a reputation for fuel economy and well made vehicles requiring little mechanical work Honda are powering through the economic slow down many other manufacturers are experiencing.


Hyundai is a huge organisation that started life as a construction specialist and has moved into shipbuilding and automobile making. Since combining with Kia Motors the company has gone from strength to strength with their cars garnering a great deal of praise.


A large Japanese corporation known for designing and building diesel engines and commercial vehicles. Isuzu mostly specialises in making trucks and sells across Europe, Asia and Africa.


Jaguar is a British manufacturer of luxury cars. In 2008 Jaguar received the "What Car?" car of the year award along with many other awards throughout its long and illustrious history. Jaguar Cars have contributed to development of engine and vehicle knowledge being at the cutting edge of stylish, effective automobile design.


The oldest 4x4 on the market and the inspiration for a whole raft of 4x4s that followed. Jeep is a marquee now owned by Chrysler and stills hold the reputation for no nonsense off-road performance that saw it a favourite of the US and allied military forces for many, many years.


Kia is a Korean based automotive company with a large presence in the UK. Kia have a fantastic warranty on their cars and build good, competitively priced vehicles. Their Sportage model is very successful at present.

Land Rover

Land Rover is one of the most successful 4x4 vehicles available and has firmly targeted the luxury sector of the 4x4 market. There is a wide range of models available to suit all Land Rover customers and since moving to Jaguar supplied engines has started to build up their reputation for dependability.


The well known brand Lexus is the luxury vehicle arm of Toyota automotive. Lexus is easily the best selling Japanese luxury vehicle and has a reputation for quality and dependability. Auto Express and Top Gear have further enhanced the reputation of Lexus with their reviews of the Lexus brand.


Another range of classic British sports cars comes from the Lotus stable. With a fantastic history of sports car racing being the first F1 team to reach 50 victories Lotus will always be one of the most renowned British sports cars.


Cars don't come much more luxurious than the Maserati. The famous marquee or brand has passed through Citreon's hands, De Tomaso, Fiat ownership and now Ferrari influence where the Maserati enjoys an incredible accolade as being Ferrari's luxury division.


Mazda have always stood out among Japanese manufacturers due to their use of the Wankel rotary engine. Due to constant innovation and engine development Mazda have always kept their place as one of the foremost automobile manufacturers.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a world renowned auto manufacturer that has influenced many features found in nearly all modern cars. Safety features and technological innovations that have been designed and developed by Mercedes Benz have, years later, become common in other vehicles.


The Mini is a small car that was made by the BMC and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered a British icon of the 1960s. The minis space-saving front-wheel-drive layout influenced a generation of car-makers.


Mitsubishi is a Japanese car manufacturer with associations with many other vehicle manufacturers. They have a reputation for innovative design and interesting specs on their vehicles. Mitsubishi and Chrysler have a close association helping each other promote overseas.


Nissan have an amazing reputation within the car industry reflected in the consistently high regard their engines are held in by automobile groups across the world. Even in the US Nissan is pushing the traditional dominance of US based car firms aside with their highly respected cars.


Peugeot has produced 3 winners of the "European Car of the Year" award. They have also produced many others that have achieved 2nd or 3rd in the competition. This success reflects the thought that Peugeot put into their car design, carefully creating the right cars for the right market.


Porsche needs no introduction. The 911 is an iconic motor vehicle with bodywork that is instantly recognisable. Even if you didn't identify the car when you heard the car's engine note approaching, you'd know it when it powers past you on the autobahn.


One of only 2 Malaysian car makers, the Proton is not the best known car in the UK. With a reputation for cut price vehicles the Proton has carved out its own niche in a large car market across the world enjoying fantastic success in their home country and surrounding areas.


Renault is a very well known brand name and has enjoyed a great deal of respect and success with their Clio and Laguna models. Renault has also had success with their motor racing team that has helped them advertise their vehicles across the world. A recent marketing merger with Nissan is helping both companies keep moving forward.


Saab has always been known for designing significant advancements in comfort and interior car design, engine innovation, safety and green technology. Turbo charging is an area of engine design where Saab has become industry leaders.


Perhaps the only car manufacturer in Spain that still designs and builds their cars in their Spanish homeland. SEAT has won many awards for their design and their cars. Recently their work on LED headlights has propelled them to the fore front of modern vehicle design.


A subsidiary of the VA group Skoda has enjoyed fantastic success in rallying competitions across the world. Skoda have come a long way from their "It's a Skoda, honest" campaign which is mainly due to the potentially risky advertising campaign being backed up by excellent, quality vehicles.


One of the most significant inventions in smaller vehicles with high fuel economy and light weight was the Smart car. This car is distributed by the Mercedes-Benz group and has changed peoples' perceptions of what they need from a vehicle. Reviews have been very favourable for the Smart car.


Subaru uses the \"flat\" engine or the boxer style of engine. Subaru also make turbocharged versions of many of their passenger cars including the well known Subaru Impreza WRX. Subaru also enjoys very good resale values and customer loyalty.


Suzuki makes all manner of automotive vehicles, from wheelchairs, through outboard marine engines and all terrain vehicles to motorcycles and cars. Suzuki is a highly respected automobile manufacturer known for innovation and good target marketing of their products.


Toyota is the world's largest car manufacturer. This highly successful company has built its reputation and brand on the back of quality products and incredible innovation within the car industry. Their car, the Corolla, is one of the best selling and most popular cars in the world.


TVR was based in Blackpool in the UK until 2006. TVR are known for stylish, lightweight sports cars with powerful engines. While the future is uncertain for this major UK brand, all TVR cars are still in demand and regular work is needed to keep them running at their maximum.


Vauxhall is the UK arm of Opel. The success of models like the Astra and the Zafira has cemented Vauxhall's reputation as a premier vehicle manufacturer. Their new Insignia model is already gathering praise from a wide range of drivers and car journalists.


The Swedish company Volvo has a reputation for designing and building safe motorcars that will transport you in comfort. Their engines are respected within the industry whether in a small passenger car or a massive truck.


The iconic V and W of Volkswagen have adorned many a vehicle. The car maker inspires devotion among its many fans and vehicles such as the VW Beetle, the Golf, and the Camper Van are still praised and loved by people across the world. Volkswagen is the largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe.