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WARNING: Make Sure You're Dealing With A Legitimate Company

Please read the BBC article that follows and make sure you check out your engine reconditioning company carefully before purchase, as UK customers have been hit with scams.View Article

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Welcome to the National Engine Centre website.

We provide engine rebuilds carried out by UK specialists. Services include engine reconditioning, engine reconstructions and car engine rebuilds.

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Important Buying Advice…

Internet Cons

The internet has lots of good and reputable sellers, but unfortunately it has just as many crooks and con men who are benefitting from the fact that there is a recession on and people want to save money.

It makes sense, therefore, that con men will tell you exactly what you want to hear, such as: 'The engine is fully re-manufactured', but logic tells you that for the price you are paying it cannot be.

They may tell you that the engine has come from a car hit in the rear - insurance companies do write off cars hit in the rear, but generally they are resold to be repaired not scrapped.

A more unreliable company might tell you that the engine is in stock and available for immediate dispatch, however, two weeks later you're still waiting. At this point, you normally hear the courier has dropped the engine and broken it, you are told this because the engine was never in stock and once you had paid, they had then tried to source it for you.

They tell you the engine is low mileage, average mileage is 20k per annum, but can they prove the age and mileage of the engine?

How have we heard about all of these things? Because lots of our customers tell us it has happened to them, so don't be conned, whether you buy from us or not.